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Board Game Day! - Featuring Keymaster Games

Calling all Gamers and Nature Lovers, we have a treat for you! Keymaster games is coming to Red Bear to show off their BRAND NEW game called Parks! It's not even released to the general public yet, but you'll be able to play it AND buy it at Red Bear! It garnered nearly 10,000 backers and $420,000 on Kickstarter and is highly anticipated!

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Come by anytime between 11am and 3pm on Sept 21st to try it out for free! We'll have multiple playable copies available. Keymaster Games will be on hand to meet and greet and to explain the rules or tell you anything about the game that you might be curious about. It's a casual 1 to 5 player game that plays for about 30-60 minutes, ages 10+.

The game features gorgeous art from the 59 parks print series and lets you explore the national parks in a fun, friendly, and competitive way. If you're curious about learning more, check out their kickstarter page and video instructions links below (especially the last one with a cute raccoon!)

Come bring some friends, or make some new ones while trying out Parks!

Kickstarter Link

Video Intro

Video Rules (With Super cute Raccoon!)

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