When do you Open?

Current estimate is in the late February/Early March timeframe. Subject to change.

Will you have Food?

We expect to have food sometime after we open, but the details are still in work.

Will you Take Reservations?

Yes, subject to availability. You will be able to Reserve the entire space, The Back Yard, or individual tables. If you’re reserving more than two tables, there will likely be a reservation charge.

Will you allow Dogs?

Since we will serve food, our favorite pooches unfortunately can’t come inside. The outdoor patio area will welcome your well-behaved pooches to visit though!

Will Kids be allowed?

Yes! We are a family friendly establishment.

Will you sell Growlers?

You will be able to get almost all of our beers in growlers to go. You will be able to buy a new Red Bear growler on site or bring in a clean one of your own.

Will I be able to get a Keg for an Event?

Yes! We will have dock sales of kegs that just have to be coordinated in advance.

I want to carry your product, who do I contact?

We won’t distribute to start, but plan too in the near future after opening. Reach out to us for the latest status.

Will you be canning or bottling?

Not to start, but we do intend to can your favorites in the future.

Will you have organic or gluten free options?

To start we will not, but we hope to have one or two gluten free options in the future. Stay tuned.

Will you serve other drinks outside of Beer?

Yes we will! We will a couple red and white wines on tap, as well as cider, mead and soda. We will source these items locally as much as possible.

Is there Parking nearby?

There is a parking garage on site as well as plenty of bicycle parking nearby. More importantly though is we are just one block from the Red Line NoMa/Gallaudet Station, allowing for easy access by way of metro.

Where does the name “Red Bear” come from?

We embrace the outdoors and adventure, so we wanted our name to reflect that. We thought bears fit this well, and so made bears central to our identity. As a fun connection, it also is a term used by the gay community that describes a certain type of husky men, usually denoting an abundance of alluring body hair. Add in the “red” and you’ve got a “Ginger Bear”, which could be used to describe most of the founding team :).

Will you offer a Happy Hour?

Yes! The specifics are still being decided on though.